Gids door de Kanaalzone


Guide to the ‘Kanaalzone’ was commissioned by the municipality of Tilburg as a art project in public space. The book, published in  2003, offers Bogaers’ personal guided tour through the Canal Area of Tilburg, being a rather old and somewhat neglected small-scaled industrial zone. A rather inconspicuous site, still able however to cause unexpected and remarkable discoveries such as former quaysides, cyclones and Nissen Huts.



As a competent guide Bogaers shows the area in all its aspects – people and machineries, the present and the past, facts and interpretations, the main lines and the narrations. The front as well as the back side.

At the same time this book is a guide into photography. The vast amount of photographs, not only by Bogaers but from numerous other sources as well, testifies to a vivid passion for this discipline, which is, in the writer’s own words, meant to show.


Kanaalzone 01           Kanaalzone 02           Kanaalzone 03


Kanaalzone 06


Kanaalzone 07


Kanaalzone 05


Kanaalzone 09


Kanaalzone 08


Kanaalzone 10

Gids door de Kanaalzone, IJzer publishers, 2003. 240 pages, 18,4 x 20 cm., texts and photographs in b/w and full color. ISBN 09-74328-73-3