Upset Down



For the composition of this book, Paul Bogaers has organized his work in a completely new mode. On every right page, a photograph is reproduced upright, while every left page bears an upside down photograph. This remains unchanged of course when the book is turned around, although every picture will be reversed in position.



In this way, the book presents two different but closely interconnected expeditions – parallel journeys along unexplored phenomena, the starting point of the first being the reversed destination of the second and vice versa.
Both journeys can be tracked from either end of the book, which as a consequence has two frontsides and no back.
The consistency with which this organizing principle is applied brings many a thing into daylight that would otherwise have remained hidden behind the apparently average.




Upset Down (2010), 99 Publishers, Haarlem. Design: Mart. Warmerdam. Photo edit: Paul Bogaers and Frank van der Stok. Foreword & afterword: Paul Bogaers.
18 x 22 cm. 160 pages, bound. EUR 29,50  ISBN 978-90-78670-16-2

Review by Joerg Colberg on Conscientious

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