In 2010 Paul Bogaers was invited to extend the Vedute collection with his own interpretation of a ’three-dimensional manuscript’. It was presented and exhibited at ARCAM Architecture Institute in Amsterdam, September 2011.

Vedute (1991) was founded with the purpose to build up a collection of 3D-manuscripts: a library of three dimensional objects as visualized thoughts that make the concept of space accessible and tangible. Vedute invites artists, designers, architects and others active in different disciplines, to visualise their fascination with space in a work measuring 44 x 32 x 7 cm in closed form. Unlike books, 3D-manuscripts reveal their content as visual statements. Some are directly accessible, others disclose themselves literally step by step; the variety is proving to be endless.

The Vedute collection found a new home in the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam. Small presentations from the collection are organised in the studyroom of the library of the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, also in Rotterdam with regular seminars on special manuscripts.

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